Western old furniture collection and maintenance (Figure)

Unlike the old Chinese furniture, the classical furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties can be purchased from all over the country, while the supply of Western old furniture is relatively small. There are only 4 or 5 Western old furniture stores in Shanghai, and several of them are mainly selling old imitation Western furniture when the supply is reduced.

The concept of Western old furniture is clear: it refers to furniture imported from abroad in the 1920s and 1930s, and even earlier, including furniture made by foreigners in Shanghai, with a European style. Collection of Western old furniture, in addition to frequent visits to these stores, but also often go to the old house demolition site to see. Many collectors' treasures are from the former French Concession, the old houses in the British Concession, and the Jin Jiang Hotel and Peace Hotel. They pulled these old furniture from some constructions to their factories from the construction site, and carefully reviewed them before they were reviewed by the clerk.

The products in the Western old furniture store can be divided into two types, one is the real antique old furniture, and it is a treasure with value-added space. The identification of such old furniture requires the buyer's vision and superb knowledge. The goods themselves are not only workmanship, materials, but more likely to come from the famous door. Of course, it is inevitable that you need to be able to repair the touches of the craftsman to restore the historical appearance of the practical art design of furniture. There is also a category of "old wood new", which is the way consumers love. Wood made from old houses in various places (usually more oak) is copied according to the appearance of Western old furniture. Although it satisfies the buyer's obsession with Western culture, it must be prevented from being deceived.

Because Western-style classical homes have special carvings and inlays, such as copper-plated reliefs and wood-laying, it takes extra care to take care of them. No matter whether it is furniture made of wood or gold material, it can not withstand the long-term exposure of the sun. Therefore, classical furniture must avoid glare. If it must be placed at the window, it is best to protect the window with opaque curtain cloth. .

Western old furniture is mainly made of teak, oak, mahogany and eucalyptus. The design is exquisite, the workmanship is exquisite, the pattern is complicated, the wooden texture is like a horn, and the fine wood inlay is amazing. However, wood materials are most afraid of moisture, so when cleaning normally, wipe the dust with a dry cloth. As for some of the finely carved parts, you can use a brush to deepen the slits and gently brush off the dust.

Western old furniture is best to use camphor oil for maintenance once a month or so. There are some gold-plated furniture to avoid exposure to sulfur, or to apply a clear paint to isolate the chemical reaction. Don't neglect the handle of the cabinet drawer when doing cleaning and maintenance. This part is made of metal and can be cleaned with toothpaste or tung oil.

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