Where is the 80,000 furniture company “China IKEA”?

In the classification of the furniture industry of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, there are only four listed companies, and the total output value does not exceed 10 billion yuan. Sweden's IKEA sales revenue in fiscal 2009 reached 21.5 billion euros. Is it the use of capital to achieve qualitati

Print color and its texture contrast

The relationship between color and the material properties of the object and the texture of the image surface is very close. The effect of color on the surface is tactile texture and visual perception. (1) Contrasting the colors of the two sides, if materials with different textures are used, the

Taiyuan furniture enterprises began to exert their stre…

Although the furniture market in the country is still in the “severe winter”, in Taiyuan Taiyuan, various furniture companies and major businesses have not been frozen by the “cold”, but are preparing for the arrival of the industry “spring”. Recently, the author

Why beer bottles are always unqualified

Bottle bombing events have occurred frequently. Every year media reports will cause the relevant departments to pay attention, but the beer bottle bombing incident has not been eliminated. The highest pass rate in beer bottle quality inspections is often only about 80%, which makes us feel somewha

Method for reducing formaldehyde pollution during home …

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of people's awareness of health and environmental protection, health is placed at the forefront of decoration. In the decoration process, the most serious pollution is formaldehyde. So how do we deal with formaldehyde pollution dur

The new windproof fleece jacket - KAILAS National Day t…

The National Day holiday is coming soon. If you like the outdoors, you can't miss this 8-day holiday. Whether you want to climb high altitudes, hike through virgin forests, or just drive around with friends and family, you need a fleece jacket that is windproof, warm, and breathable. KG213221

Analysis and Elimination of Failure of Paper Feeding Pa…

The paper feed site is an important part of the offset press. Its main role is to deliver the printed pages to the printing unit in an orderly and accurate manner. The paper feeding part has a large number of working parts and cooperates with each other in the paper feeding process to ensure the n