Nano Waterborne Polyurethane Emulsion

1 Introduction In recent years, due to people’s increasing awareness of environmental protection, many countries have successively promulgated laws and regulations concerning the control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Therefore, the reduction of the use of solvents or products witho

General Press Colors Introduces New UV Primer Series

New UV-backing pigment series: General Press Colors developed 12 types of primers in 2003. In 2004, the company made further improvements to develop more pigmented primers. This series of products can meet the requirements of fast and stable curing, and at the same time improve the friction resist

Stopper for bottled wine

Patent name Applicant for stoppers for bottled wine Patent Marko Mássalogno Principal Applicant Address Portogruaro, Italy Inventor Marco Musazarno Filing (Patent) No. 01823592.1 Date of Application 2001.11.22 Approval Date Approval Notice No. 1545468 Auditing Announcement Date 2004.11.10 Instr

Biodegradable plastic R&D and application research …

II. Main characteristics of biodegradable plastics Recently, biodegradable plastics developed in the world include natural polymer synthesis, microbial fermentation synthesis and chemical synthesis. There are dozens of varieties in the three major categories. Due to the different raw materials and

Preparation method of nano-calcium carbonate for solven…

Patent name: Preparation method of nano-calcium carbonate for solvent-based inks for plastic film printing Patent applicant Shanghai Excellent Nano New Material Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 201324 Inventor of Yancang Industrial Zone, Nanhui District, Shanghai, China Cheng Cheng; Yao Cheng

Arc printing process

Patent Name Arc Surface Printing Technology Patent Applicant Liu Xueliang Principal Applicant Address 518108 Inventor Liu Xueliang Application No. 200510034219.4 Application Date 2005.04.22 Certification Date 6th Floor, Building 6, Block 2, Dongfang Datianyang Industrial Zone, Songgang Town, Bao&#

Decomposable plastic

Various kinds of plastic products have greatly enriched people's lives, but disused plastics are decomposed very slowly in nature, and they have to be completely decomposed for decades. As a result, plastics have also brought an annoying problem to mankind - rubbish problems - while improving