Love makeup MM vigilant pigmentation dark circles

Dermatologists have found that among outpatients, young patients with dark circles have increased by about 10%, mostly because of staying up late, living and working abnormally, resulting in "vascular black circles", and the eye makeup is more and more concentrated, if cosmetics Ingredien

Adhesion Failure Failure Analysis and Solution of UV In…

In the printing process, if we encounter the problem of poor adhesiveness between the film material and the UV ink used, we should analyze the reasons correctly in order to find the right solution to the problem in the first place. Compared to paper self-adhesive materials, film adhesive material

媳 媳 Feng Shui: difficult to change the intimate mot…

媳 媳 Feng Shui: difficult to change the intimate mother and daughter is not a dream. I often hear people around me sigh, there are so many bumps in life, how to trouble things and troubles, there is no good channel for dredging. In fact, as long as you pay attention to it, a good home feng

Which vegetable oils are good for the skin

Recently, I have studied plant oils when I have time, and have deepened the special effects of various materials. In addition to the base oil, there are various physical effects of flowers, foods, natural mineral powders and essential oil additives. The knowledge outside is really vast. Yesterday,

How to Control Gravure Foil Overprinting

The aluminum foil tension control system is a special servo system in which the input amount changes according to an adjustable attenuation law. In the overprinting process of the gravure aluminum foil, tension adjustment and changes directly affect the accuracy of overprinting and printing, which

Paper silk defects and effects of post-press processing

Paper is the most important printing material in printing production. The quality of paper directly determines the quality of printing and the post-press processing. Paper properties include surface properties, structural properties, optical properties, chemical properties, etc. Any of these prope

Steel barrel leak detection system technical proposal

Steel barrel leak detection system technical proposal Hefei Puyi Technology Co., Ltd. I. Overview The vacuum box and recycling system is another vacuum product developed by our company after the automatic æ°¦ mass spectrometer leak detector according to market needs. It is mainly used for le