Introduction of Application Characteristics of Several Special Cleaning Agents in Printing Process

With the continuous progress of printing technology, various cleaning liquids (agents) have emerged, gradually to more efficient and more professional development, to facilitate our operation and also improve the quality of production, let's introduce several professional Cleaning agent (liquid).

1.PS version cleaner

Used to remove the dirtiness of the PS plate during the printing process.

2. Offset cleaning paste

Also known as the PS plate treatment agent, it can remove dirt and aged ink stains on the surface of the PS plate, clean the plate, do not damage the pattern, and can improve the quality of the printed product; the performance is stable, safe and non-toxic. How to use: After infiltrating the product with a sponge or cotton yarn, it is possible to clean the surface of the plate, and it can also be used as a pre-printing plate cleaner.

3. Ink cleaning agent

Can quickly clean the ink on the roller; can remove dirt, ink and paper powder on the blanket; will not burn.

4. Rubber blanket cleaning agent

Product features: It can eliminate the hardening of the glass of offset rubber blanket and ink roller surface and restore elasticity; It can make the indentation and concave surface of blanket rubber blanket restore smooth; Volatile, will not burn.

5. General cleaning agent (car wash water)

Product features: water-soluble general cleaning agent that can be mixed with water; strong cleansing force, will not cause differential expansion of the blanket and ink roller, smooth flow on the blanket and ink roller, and restore the elasticity of the blanket; does not hurt the printing plate; use Safe, convenient, and does not harm human health.

6. Offset roller cleaning agent

Can remove the ink stains on the water roller and make the water roller quickly restore the hydrophilic properties.

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