Smart parents teach children to play with toys

Compared with all kinds of artificial toys, nature provides us with a large number of natural toys, which are both economical and attractive to children. Don't worry that these things will stain and mess up your home, and compare it with your child's happiness. What do you count?

Character game: old toys play new tricks

As long as the parents take care of themselves, the old toys that have been thrown aside by the children can be redeveloped and re-engaged.

Character games are an effective means of putting old toys on new uses.

For example, parents and children play games in the store together.

The game begins with the assignment of roles: one is the customer and the other is the salesperson. The role of the role of a democratic approach, let the children freely choose, give the child the opportunity to make decisions.

Next, put all the old toys out and organize the shelves with your child. Organizing the shelves is a good opportunity to train children to develop their ability to think out from the classification. Guide the children to place all the toys on the set shelves: vehicles (bicycles, cars, buses, airplanes, ships, etc.), weapons (pistols, tanks, etc.), dolls, cookware, etc. Wait.

After the shelves are sorted out, they start to “buy and sell”. It takes money to buy things. Of course, money can be used as substitutes, some small toys such as small pictures, small cardboard, etc., as long as the child can think of it, can be used as money. However, it is best to use real money so that children can have an intuitive understanding of the coin and learn from counting, calculating and managing money.

In the process of “buying and selling”, parents can also continue to guide children to recognize color, size, and learning classification. Finally, parents can exchange roles with their children to repeat the game. After the game is over, pack the toys with your child.

The role of children in such a role game is very enthusiastic. In the game, the old toys are used to the maximum extent, and the children's attention, imagination and other thinking skills are cultivated, and parent-child communication is strengthened.

Return to nature: God-given toys recreate magic

Nature provides us with a lot of natural toys, such as fallen leaves, branches, small rocks, sand and so on. Compared with all kinds of artificial toys, these god-given toys are both economical and attractive to children.

In nature, children are born to be skilled craftsmen. They dig tunnels on the sand, build castles, build high-rises, have fun, and don't care about the mud; they are interested in a twig that falls on the ground, and because of a pile of stones. I don’t want to return. Where children can fully develop their nature, what parents need to do is:

Let go of both hands

Children may know more about using God-given toys than parents. At this time, smart parents should let the children enjoy his imagination and creativity, and let the children freely stretch their personality in the toy. And don't keep saying behind the child: "Don't dirty your clothes!", "Don't tie your fingers", this can only make your child disappoint.

Appreciate the child

When the child finds a small stone that he likes to show off to you, he praises the child's eyes; when the child creates a "highway", pretend that the car is running on it. When a child sees you appreciating his masterpiece, he will create more magical works with more interest.

Division of labor cooperation

Find a bunch of branches, stones, etc. with your child, sort them according to different standards such as type and size, and design graphics with your child. Such as a larger stone to make a fake mountain, a small stone paving and so on.

Finally, bring a bunch of natural toys home. Let the children mix these natural toys with the toys at home. For example, building a house with bricks and then making a circle with big stones is the wall.

Don't worry that these things will stain and mess up your home, and compare it with your child's happiness. What do you count?

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