Zhuzhou City, the second large-scale outdoor psychological development activities

Zhuzhou City, the second large-scale outdoor psychological development activities at the scene 嗨翻天 Date:2016-03-12 12:31

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon today, a large-scale outdoor development activity with the theme of happy growth was held in Erzhong, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. Thousands of students in the second grade of the school rose on the track and field.

The spring is the first time in four hours, the pressure is relatively low, the climate change is relatively large, the surrounding objects will emit an infrasound wave affecting the human endocrine system, etc. These special natural changes make it easy for people's emotions to fluctuate, making people feel depressed, leading to Mental problems and even mental illness. In the beginning of spring, students will be maladapted. In order to help students integrate into the group better, create a happy and relaxed atmosphere, unleash the inner pressure of students, and let them experience the joy and warmth of the collective life. Zhuzhou No. 2 Middle School develops large-scale outdoor developments with the theme of flying hearts and happiness. activity. All students in the school divided their activities by grade three times. This afternoon, more than 1,000 students from the second year of the school participated in the activity.

At the time of the event, the journalist saw that the school’s track and field field was divided into two activity areas, each of which had three games and was completed by relay. Activities in Area A are: Miles in the Pearl - Invincible Hot Wheels - Successful Crossing, Games in Zone B: Passing by the Wind - Rain-fighting peers - Oncoming Relay. The activities are organized in teams, and each group sends six groups to each game in turn. Because of the large number of participants, there are many games, and the scenes are all over the place.

On the afternoon of March 18th and April 15th, the school will continue to organize this activity in the first and third grades respectively.

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