The correct way to make honey citron tea

   Honey citron tea is a kind of grapefruit that is very popular among people. It has the effect of beauty and beauty, and the effect of deodorizing and detoxifying. Women who love beauty can make their own honey citron tea to drink. Let's take a look at the method of making honey citron tea.

The process of making honey citron tea

1. Grapefruit should be washed with hot salt water when it is bought home. The hot water is used because some fruit farmers now wax on the fruit. Next, use a fruit knife to make a thin piece of grapefruit peel, try not to slice the white things together, and then cut into filaments. Then, soak the pomelo peel with salt water for five minutes. Finally, peel the grapefruit meat out and make a small piece.

1. Add water to the pot (small water with a large bowl of citron meat, a bowl of half of water) pour the rock sugar, grapefruit meat, grapefruit skin into the pot, boil the cauldron. Note: Do not cover the lid. 2. Turn the small fire after boiling, and stir it with a spoon from time to time to avoid the paste. 3. After cooking for a few hours on low heat, the syrup will be almost the same, the grapefruit and grapefruit skin will start to darken, and it will turn off when it looks crystal clear. 4. Use a container to boil the cooked grapefruit and grapefruit skin, then mix well with honey, store in a clean container, and drink it in about a week.

The above introduces the method of making honey citron tea. The honey citron tea has a fragrant smell, sweet and sour taste, and a lot of skin care effects. What are you waiting for? Learn quickly and make honey citron tea for yourself.

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