How to choose a healthy and environmentally friendly wardrobe sheet

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] Now the wardrobe brand is endless, and the materials used by different brands are also different. At present, there are many kinds of plates on the market, such as solid wood board, large core board, throwing board, etc. Wait, how to buy a healthy and environmentally-friendly wardrobe sheet? The answer is in the article, let's get to know it.

Wardrobe sheet - solid wood

When it comes to wardrobe materials, it is naturally the best for solid wood. It avoids excessive use of adhesives, is more healthy and environmentally friendly, has strong bearing capacity, is safe and stable, and has a long service life. It can reach more than 500 ordinary wooden wardrobes. Durable, but the cost of solid wood wardrobes is high, so most of the wardrobes on the market use panels or panels to make wardrobes.

Wardrobe sheet - large core board

The large core board, also known as the blockboard, is a good material for the wardrobe frame. The large core board is a plywood with a solid wood core. The inner layer is made of a strip of strip-shaped logs, and then the outer layer is made of the outer material. The surface is smooth and flat, the stability is strong, and the deformation is not easy. For the plywood, plywood and plywood, the thicker the price, the more you can choose according to the pressure and strength.

Wardrobe sheet - high density board

High-density board is a commonly used wood-based board. It is made by shredding and pressing wood, branches, etc. in water. The density is uniform, the strength is high, and the processing is also easy. However, the disadvantage is that the moisture resistance is not good. Kitchens and other wet places should not be used, but it is not bad for making wardrobes.

Wardrobe sheet - solid wood particle board

Solid wood particle board, from the name point of view, is to make the solid wood into granules, and then pressed with plastic bonding, retaining some of the physical characteristics of solid wood, better nail holding power, lighter texture, will not give the wardrobe Cause too much pressure, but the load capacity is not weak, and the cost is low, cost-effective, so it is often used in the manufacture of wardrobes.

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