[Redwood Wardrobe Maintenance] How to maintain the mahogany wardrobe?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] mahogany wardrobe is a high-end luxury wardrobe, which is expensive and has a great collection value. The modern mahogany wardrobe not only inherits the tradition of classical wardrobes, but also preserves the beautiful shape and artistic style of classical culture; it also absorbs some characteristics of Western wardrobes and some popular culture. Therefore, the now mahogany wardrobe is more elegant and luxurious, and is very popular among consumers.

Because the mahogany wardrobe is more expensive, when purchasing, you should first choose the furniture market with high consumer satisfaction or brand quality. Then, you need to know the type of product. There are two types of mahogany wardrobes on the market: a mahogany wardrobe refers to the main exterior part of which is made of mahogany, while the interior and other hidden parts are made of ordinary high quality wood. The other is a full mahogany wardrobe, which means that all the wood parts in the wardrobe must be made of mahogany. The mahogany of this kind of wardrobe is used in a large amount, so the price is very expensive.

Mahogany wardrobe maintenance

Mahogany wardrobe

When buying a mahogany wardrobe, indicate whether it is a full mahogany wardrobe or the main component is a mahogany wardrobe. And the manufacturer needs to provide a test report indicating the kind of red wood, such as rosewood, rosewood, and chicken wing wood. Invoices also need to be noted, and finally do not forget to ask the merchant or manufacturer for warranty card and after-sales contact information.

Mahogany wardrobes are expensive, so care in daily life should be very careful. Let's briefly introduce a few maintenance methods.

First, the mahogany closet is placed indoors, pay attention to away from the door, window and other places where the air flow is strong, and can not be directly exposed to the sun.

Second, remember not to place it near the heating in winter.

Third, usually keep the indoor air not too dry, you can adjust the indoor air humidity by raising fish and raising flowers indoors.

Fourth, the summer should pay attention to moisture, avoid the wood to absorb moisture and expand and deform.

5. When cleaning the surface of the wardrobe, wipe it with a clean gauze. Do not use chemical products to avoid corrosion of paint and wood by chemicals.

Mahogany wardrobe advantages

1. The color is darker and more reflects the antique style.

2. The wood is heavier and gives a good quality.

3. The general wood itself has its own fragrance, especially sandalwood.

4. The material is hard, high strength, wear-resistant and durable.

5. The mahogany wardrobe itself does not contain harmful substances and does not release harmful gases. Even if it is no longer used, it will not become a burden on the environment and it will be easy to recycle.

Redwood wardrobe shortcomings

1. Because of the low yield, it is difficult to have quality tree species with varying quality.

2. The grain and the annual ring are not clear, and the visual effect is not fresh enough.

3. The material is heavy and not easy to handle.

4. The material is hard, the processing is difficult, and it is prone to cracking.

5. The material is greasy and easy to return to oil at high temperature.

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