Classification of high and low temperature test chamber refrigerator

The refrigerator is the core equipment of refrigeration. Only by converting electrical energy into mechanical work and compressing the low-temperature and low-pressure gas refrigerant into high-temperature and high-pressure gas can the refrigeration cycle be guaranteed. The following is the high-low temperature test chamber manufacturer to tell you the refrigerator For the classification content, please visit: Classification of High and Low Temperature Test Chamber Refrigerators. I will first talk about a less used in the ring test industry: centrifugal refrigerators, which rely on the role of centrifugal force to continuously compress the gas sucked in The maximum can reach 30000KW. It is used in large-scale central air-conditioning and large-scale storage refrigeration equipment. It has stable operation, high performance and long life, large refrigeration capacity, and can be adjusted steplessly. There is also a volumetric refrigerator, which is relatively familiar. The working principle is to change the volume of the working chamber and compress the periodically sucked quantitative gas. Reciprocating piston refrigeration compressor: reciprocate the piston to change the work of the cylinder Volume, according to the external structure is divided into: fully enclosed and semi-enclosed. Fully enclosed: The cooling capacity is less than 60KW, which is mostly used in air conditioners and small refrigeration equipment. The drive motor and moving parts are enclosed in the same space. The structure is compact, the sealing is good, and the noise is low. However, the power is small and it is not easy to maintain; semi-closed: the cooling capacity is 60 to 600KW, which can be used in various air conditioners and refrigeration equipment. The crankcase body and the motor casing together form a closed space, which has a stable working life and a long cooling capacity. It can be used in various working conditions and can be maintained, but the noise is slightly higher. Divided into single-stage compression type (conventional type, disc valve type, unloading type, communication type) and two-stage compression type.

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