Analysis of the relationship between cloud computing and cloud storage

Cloud computing is the development of distributed computing, parallel computing, and grid computing. It is the automatic splitting of huge computing processing programs into countless smaller subprograms through the network. After handing over a huge system composed of multiple servers, the processing results are returned to the user after calculation and analysis. Through cloud computing technology, network service providers can process tens of millions or even billions of information within seconds, and achieve the same powerful network services as "supercomputers".

The construction goal of the cloud computing system is to migrate independent, personalized operations running on a PC or a single server to a huge number of servers "cloud". This cloud system is responsible for processing user requests and outputting results , It is a system with data calculation and processing as the core.

Cloud storage is a new concept extended and developed on the concept of cloud computing (cloud computing). It refers to a large number of different types of storage devices in the network through functions such as cluster applications, grid technology, or distributed file systems. A system that integrates and works together through application software to provide external data storage and business access functions. When the core of cloud computing system computing and processing is the storage and management of large amounts of data, a large number of storage devices need to be configured in the cloud computing system, then the cloud computing system is transformed into a cloud storage system, so cloud storage is a data storage And management as the core cloud computing system.

Compared with cloud computing systems, cloud storage can be considered as a cloud computing system configured with a large-capacity storage space. The following figure is a comparison of cloud computing and cloud storage architecture models:

Analysis of the relationship between cloud computing and cloud storage

From the perspective of the architectural model, the cloud storage system system has one more storage layer than the cloud computing system, and at the same time, there are many more functions related to data management and data security in basic management, and the access layer and application interface layer in both. Is exactly the same.

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