Stackable box and machine for packaging the box

[Abstract] The present invention relates to a stackable box and a machine for packaging such a box. The invention also relates to a container that is processed by the machine. The shape of the box of the invention is, for example, a conical shape (2), such a shape enabling the boxes to be stacked on top of one another by means of the largest opening (3). The container includes one such box and is closed by a top cover seal.
[Sovereign Items] 1. A box for an aerosol sprayer, of the type that includes an opening for receiving a closure device, the box being characterized in that it is pressed before it is filled and closed. A contour shape allowing stacking thereof, when a plurality of boxes are piled together, a large part of the length of the box can be inserted into the opening of the other box immediately in front of the stack in front of the stack. In this way, prior to inventory and/or delivery to a machine that loads the aerosol sprayer, it can reduce the volume occupied by the box in the packed carton.

Aluminum Jar

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