Biodegradable plastic R&D and application research (in)

II. Main characteristics of biodegradable plastics

Recently, biodegradable plastics developed in the world include natural polymer synthesis, microbial fermentation synthesis and chemical synthesis. There are dozens of varieties in the three major categories. Due to the different raw materials and synthetic methods, apart from having good biodegradability, Table 2 lists examples. The characteristics of the main biodegradable plastic, and compared with ordinary plastic.

As can be seen from Table 2, compared with the comprehensive performance of biodegradable plastics, with the exception of PHB and PLA, most of them are similar to LDPE physical properties, and are suitable for the production of soft products, while the rigidity and elasticity of PHB and PLA are high, but they are elongated. The rate is very low; in addition PHB melting point 180 °C and thermal decomposition temperature (200 °C) are similar, resulting in more difficult processing. The glass transition temperature is 60°C. In the use temperature range, so there are some problems that need to be modified to further improve its performance.

III. Progress in the application and development of biodegradable plastics

In recent years, biodegradable plastics have made great progress in variety development, performance improvement, and production capacity increase, although the cost has also been reduced, but due to the constraints of production efficiency and production scale, the price is still much higher than that of ordinary plastics, even though We are committed to developing an environment that is difficult to recycle after the use of the environment, but the high price (2 to 8 times higher than that of ordinary plastics) remains a barrier for products to be brought to market. Therefore, medical materials and high added value are still used. Packaging materials are the main direction, and at the same time actively explore other uses that are conducive to the protection of the environment and sustainable development. Including the following aspects:

a) Current preferred use of biodegradable plastics:

Garbage bag, dehydration bag (film, foam plastic)

Planting materials, seedlings, lawns (nonwovens, hollow molded products, injection molded products, flat yarns)

Civil construction materials (film, net, non-woven, soil (sand) bag

Transport cushioning material (starch foam)

b) Potential market for biodegradability

Fishing wire, fishing nets, industrial fabrics, sacks (filament, staple)

Hygiene products, hospital supplies, diapers (adults, infants) (non-woven, multifilament, cotton, film)

Cosmetic bottles, pesticide bottles, beverage bottles (hollow molded products)

Medical bottles (hollow molded products)

Ordinary packaging film, shopping bag, agricultural film (film, shrink film)

Food packaging bags, food packaging containers, tableware (films, hollow containers)

Pallet, vacuum molded product (sheet, foamed sheet)

Buffer packaging materials, fish boxes (films, high foaming materials)

Table 2 Characteristics of Biodegradable Plastics

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Normal align=center> Fuse

Normal > HDT *1

Normal align=center> Softening point

Normal align=center> Glassification temperature

Normal align=center> ratio weight

Normal align=center> hard degree

Normal align=center> Flexural modulus

Normal align=center> Expansion Elasticity

Normal align=center> Expansion Intensity

Normal align=center> Expanded elongation

Normal align=center> Notch strike strength

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