Preparation method of nano-calcium carbonate for solvent ink of plastic film printing

Patent name: Preparation method of nano-calcium carbonate for solvent-based inks for plastic film printing Patent applicant Shanghai Excellent Nano New Material Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 201324 Inventor of Yancang Industrial Zone, Nanhui District, Shanghai, China Cheng Cheng; Yao Cheng; Yang Yonghe; Fan Yi; Sun Hua; Zhu Shizhou Application (Patent) No. 200510025878.1 Date of Application 2005.05.17 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 1693374 Audit Notice Date 2005.11.09 Manual CD-ROM D0545 Main Classification Code C09C1/02 Classification No. C09C1/02 C09C3/10; C09D11/02; C09D7/12 Division Original Application No. 1 Abstract of Invention This invention discloses a method for preparing a nano-calcium carbonate for a solvent-based ink for printing a plastic film. At the end of carbonization, the invention controls the surface charge and steric hindrance of the nanometer calcium carbonate by adding a certain amount of dispersant, so as to ensure that the nanometer calcium carbonate particles are surface-treated with the composite coated dispersant without agglomeration. High-quality nano calcium carbonate for solvent-based inks is produced on industrial devices. The present invention utilizes a coating agent and a method for compounding the coated dispersant to obtain a 50-120 nm cuboidal particle with good classification and regular crystal shape. Compared with the calcium carbonate indicator for offset ink, the calcium carbonate powder absorbs oil. The value dropped from about 40 to about 30, while increasing the fluidity from about 30 to about 36, greatly improving its dispersibility in solvent-based ink resins, thereby increasing the clarity and gloss of the final product. Sovereignty Item 1. A method for preparing a nano-calcium carbonate for a solvent-based ink for printing a plastic film, which comprises the preparation of a nano-calcium carbonate slurry, characterized in that it further comprises the following steps: coating a dispersant and a capping agent An aqueous solution is prepared, wherein: the weight ratio of the coating dispersant to the coating agent is: coating dispersant:coating agent=0.2-0.5, to obtain the coating liquid to be used; the coating agent is resin acid or its Salt; The said dispersant is a titanate couple such as difatty acyloxy titanate, bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphoyloxy(2-hydroxy)propionate, fatty acid, etc. Co-agent; Aluminate, DL-411 series of aluminate coupling agent or one of triethanolamine; heating nano-CaCO3 slurry to 30-60°C, adding coated dispersant and capping agent The aqueous solution, based on the total weight of the coating dispersant and the coating agent, is added in an amount of 0.5% to 5.0% of the weight of the nano calcium carbonate and the coating treatment is for 0.5 to 4.0 hours; the coated slurry is filtered until the water content is less than 60 After the % is used directly or the filter cake is dried at 80-120°C, the solvent type for plastic film printing is obtained Ink nano calcium carbonate. International Application International Announcement Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Zhongyuan Xinda Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Luo Dazhao

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