Why beer bottles are always unqualified

Bottle bombing events have occurred frequently. Every year media reports will cause the relevant departments to pay attention, but the beer bottle bombing incident has not been eliminated. The highest pass rate in beer bottle quality inspections is often only about 80%, which makes us feel somewhat incomprehensible. Why is this happening then?

First of all, the supervision department cannot achieve the long-term stability of law enforcement. It is often the media that has been exposed to the incidents of beer bottle wounding and they are temporarily cradling for supervision. Afterwards, inferior beer bottles are still “spring breeze”. Such supervision naturally cannot solve the continuous occurrence of beer bottle wounding incidents. Secondly, beer manufacturers are pursuing profits too much. The corresponding responsibility of the manufacturers after beer bottles bursting is too small. However, the long-term use of beer bottles can significantly reduce packaging costs, which makes beer bottle manufacturers ignore the consumers in pursuit of profits. Safety. Finally, the public lacks basic knowledge about the validity of beer bottles, which makes the public's supervision channels unobstructed. The lack of discriminatory awareness has also caused a large increase in the incidence of bottle-bombing injuries.

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