Small-sized space to choose furniture to "fit"

With the popularity of small and medium-sized housing, small and flexible furniture has also been loved by consumers.

Recently, the reporter visited some furniture stores and consumers in Nanjing, and found that small-sized, multi-functional dining tables, coffee tables, wardrobes, etc., are increasingly welcomed by young consumers.

Many young consumers told reporters that most of the homes for the first time were small and medium-sized, the space was not enough, and the large pieces of furniture could not be placed. The mini-furnitures were suitable for their consumption needs because of their small size and high fashion.

—— Smaller size –

Mini furniture is preferred

Consumer Feng told reporters that in mid-July, her new home was renovated and she could buy new furniture. However, the use of a house with an area of ​​more than 80 square meters, the living room, dining room, etc. took up most of the area, and the two bedrooms were slightly narrow, so that Miss Feng and her lover encountered difficulties in purchasing furniture. Most of the furniture on the market is quite large. A master bed is 1.8 meters wide. Then there is a five-door wardrobe and a small TV cabinet. The master bedroom has only a little space left, and the walk must be sideways.

"Because the main bedroom is relatively small, we can only first measure the size of the room, and then compare the furniture." Miss Feng said that after looking for a place in the furniture market, she finally chose a mini-furniture with more complete functions. . “The wardrobe is a three-door cabinet, and the sofa has one seat less than the ordinary large sofa.”

Chen Jun, the owner of the main city who just renovated the house, said that he chose to customize small furniture. “I bought an old house ten years ago. The area is small, 60 square meters. Only small furniture is chosen.” Chen Jun said that the small furniture is exquisite and beautiful, which is in line with the decoration style of his home. The most important thing is the size. "Our home is very small, and I buy a big sofa, not only feeling the imbalance, but also taking up space."

During the visit, the reporter learned that with the increase in small-sized houses, there are more and more people buying mini-furniture. Many home improvementists also believe that most small-sized homeowners prefer furniture that is functional, small in size, and affordable. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase soft furnishings such as furniture in the decoration design. The functional design of each space is to purchase furniture accessories according to the size of the corresponding space.

—— Visiting the market——

"Small furniture" shows less

Although small furniture is becoming more and more popular now, the reporters found that most furniture stores display not many small-sized furniture. Recently, in the two well-known brand furniture stores in the urban area, the reporters did not see a variety of furniture recommendations for small-sized homeowners to purchase, and the displayed furniture is still mainly European, American, Chinese and other large-scale furniture. According to market participants, the display samples are generally the main recommended products, but it does not mean that there are no mini-furnitures suitable for small-sized houses. “If customers have demand, we can tailor them according to the size ratio of the home. The processing cycle is relatively long. ”

In another suburban furniture store, there are only a few sets of restaurants, tables, chairs and sofas in the supermarket of more than 1,000 square meters, suitable for small and medium-sized apartments of 80-90 square meters.

“There are relatively few people who buy small furniture, mostly young customers, and have limited purchasing power,” said the store staff. “Some customers have only about 10 square meters in the living room, but they still like to have large TV cabinets, sofas and coffee tables in the living room. In some customers' living rooms, the sofa is the majority of the living room.” In addition to consumers buying furniture. There is a phenomenon of "unclear positioning". The reporter was surprised to find that in the shop selling children's furniture, several young consumers are also "selling" small furniture. A furniture salesman told reporters that many young people who have just bought a home are looking at the combination kits in children's furniture. For example, many drawers can be placed in the bed, and the storage items can be connected to the desk and bed. It can be built in a single apartment. Unified effects, etc. “Small splicing-integrated furniture is now the most sought-after,” said another children’s furniture sales person.

—— Purchase reminder——

The most critical for checking quality standards

Small mini furniture is gradually becoming popular, so what issues should consumers pay attention to when choosing? A furniture manufacturer who has been engaged in furniture business for many years said that in addition to paying attention to shape, size and function, mini-furniture is still the most critical part.

“It is necessary to pay attention to whether the frame of the furniture is strong.” The furniture manufacturer said that most of the small mini-furnitures are storage-type furniture, and most of them can be stored at the bottom, which are generally hollow structures. Therefore, the bearing capacity and the frame are strong. Must be the first element of the purchase. “When consumers buy, they can sit up and lie down and try.”

"To check the materials of the furniture, especially the materials used in the frame." A person from the Federal Furniture reminded that the quality of the plates directly determines the service life of the furniture. The color of the good plates is uniform, the fibers are long and dense, and the plates are often mixed. Black impurities, the fiber structure is also short and loose. In addition, the hardware accessories on the furniture must also be durable, the good furniture accessories are complete, the movement is noise-free, and the connection parts are smooth. When consumers are shopping, in addition to carefully observing the product, the key is to check and ask for the product description provided by the merchant. (Reporter Zhou Haiyan)

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